• November 3, 2017
    6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

This event will take place at Cardinal High School in Middlefield, OH to benefit Cardinal After Prom.

NOTE:  Registration closes at 11PM THREE DAYS PRIOR to the event to allow us time to prepare stencils, so please register early.


These signs are smaller than the $55 options below and do NOT allow for personalization.  If you choose one of these signs, enter “N/A” for personalization on the registration page.


These signs are significantly larger than the options above and allow for personalization with family names, dates, etc.  If you choose one of these signs, please enter your personalization on the registration page.

You will have a wide variety of colors to choose from the day of the event.  An instructor will guide you through the process of painting, sanding and stenciling your sign.  Once you select your ticket below, you will be asked to supply all personalization information on the next page.

NOTE:  Registration closes at 11PM THREE DAYS PRIOR to the event to allow us time to prepare stencils, so please register early.

(Vikki Naples)



14785 Thompson Ave, Middlefield, Ohio, 44062

Price Qty
Q1. Doggie Dance 11x18show details + $40.00 (USD)  
Q2. Baby it's cold outside 14x14show details + $40.00 (USD)  
Q3. Happy Place 14x14show details + $40.00 (USD)  
Q4. Merry Christmas 11x18show details + $40.00 (USD)  
Q5. Bless this nest 14x14show details + $40.00 (USD)  
Q6. Live Love Bark 14x14show details + $40.00 (USD)  
Q7. It is Well with My Soul 11x18show details + $40.00 (USD)  
Q8. Dare to be Different 11x18show details + $40.00 (USD)  
Q10. Bless this House with Love 14x14show details + $40.00 (USD)  
Q12. Coffee & Wine 11x18show details + $40.00 (USD)  
Q14. Plant Smiles 11x18show details + $40.00 (USD)  
Q17. Ohio home 14x14show details + $40.00 (USD)  
Q18. Happy Fall Pumpkin 14x14show details + $40.00 (USD)  
1. Believe Family Name 40x9show details + $55.00 (USD)  
2. Christmas Tree Farm Family Name 16x27show details + $55.00 (USD)  
3. Pumpkin Family Name 16x27show details + $55.00 (USD)  
4. Family Name 40x9show details + $55.00 (USD)  
5. Family Name Monogram 16x27show details + $55.00 (USD)  
6. Joy Family Name 40x9show details + $55.00 (USD)  
7. Laurel Monogram Family Name 16x27show details + $55.00 (USD)  
8. Reindeer Aviation 22x22show details + $55.00 (USD)  
10. Thankful Blessed Football Obsessed 22x22show details + $55.00 (USD)  
13. Welcome Family Name 40x9show details + $55.00 (USD)  
14. Ohio Last Name 22x22show details + $55.00 (USD)  
15. Ohio Marriage Date 16x27show details + $55.00 (USD)  
16. Family Name Monogram SQUARE 22x22show details + $55.00 (USD)  
17. I Love My Dog 16x27show details + $55.00 (USD)  
22. Bucks Head Family Name 22x22show details + $55.00 (USD)  
26. All you need is love 40x9show details + $55.00 (USD)  
27. Nesting Since Family Name 16x27show details + $55.00 (USD)  
30. Every Family has a Story 16x27show details + $55.00 (USD)  
39. Welcome to our Happily Ever After 22x22show details + $55.00 (USD)  
40. Address & Family Name 16x27show details + $55.00 (USD)  
45. Happy Fall Y'all 40x9show details + $55.00 (USD)  
46. Pumpkin Patch Family Name 22x22show details + $55.00 (USD)  
C9. Always stay Humble & Kind 40x9show details + $55.00 (USD)  
C11. It's so good to be home 16x27show details + $55.00 (USD)  
C13. The Love of a Family 16x27show details + $55.00 (USD)  
C14. No place like home Ohio 16x27show details + $55.00 (USD)  
C18. Trust in the Lord 22x22show details + $55.00 (USD)  
C20. Accept what is 16x27show details + $55.00 (USD)  
C21. All of me loves all of you 16x27show details + $55.00 (USD)  
C28. Grateful Heart 16x27show details + $55.00 (USD)  
C32. Be your own kind of Beautiful 22x22show details + $55.00 (USD)  
C37. Cardinal Huskies Monogram 22x22show details + $55.00 (USD)  
C38. Cardinal Huskies Basketball 22x22show details + $55.00 (USD)